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Burgers, Pickles, and Beer, OH My

Burgers, Pickles, and Beer, OH My

Most locals from the Central Coast know the term, “June Gloom” very well. It means exactly what it states. In the month of June, it is very common for the Central Coast to have a marine layer of fog and heavy mist in the mornings and along the beaches. It can sometimes last for most of the day. Because the ranch is just a bit inland, we usually start the day with this June Gloom, but by mid-morning the sun is out and shining. This was just the type of day we were lucky enough to have for our inaugural Burgers & Pickles Party this last Summer Solstice weekend, June 23rd 2019. 

The day started with a thick fog, as I pulled out the linens and began to set the tables. Just an hour or so later, as we were setting out the drinks and hors d’oeuvres, the sun was out and the cool of the shaded arbor felt refreshing. As soon as guests arrived there was a flurry of chatter and introductions. First stop? Off to the garden and apricot orchard!

After snacking on plenty of juicy apricots right off the trees, and discussing the agricultural practices of the ranch, we headed back into the shade for a pickling demonstration. We taught some tricks of the trade, and our guests set to work making their own jars full of their most favorite veggies. One tip: color is key!

Afterwards, we toured the headquarters of the ranch, where we discussed the history of Rancho San Julian and visited the Cowboys Dinning Room. This was probably one of the first structures built on Rancho San Julian, dating back to the early 1800s. As we arrived back to gather around the BBQ, delicious beers from local Figueroa Mountain Brewery were served.

Lunch was served, and the rest of the day was spent enjoying a true ranch meal. Everyone took their pickling creations home to enjoy. It was perfect timing for their 4th of July BBQs to come!

Please be sure to check out Gatherings for upcoming events. We hope to host you on the ranch soon!

Elizabeth Poett

Photos by Blakeney Sanford

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