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Old Man Winter Holiday Candles


This winter themed candle set is a sweet addition that not only looks beautiful, but has meaning. The folk lore goes that Old Man Winter decides whether the frost will be chilly and gentle or frigid and frozen. Ranchers and farmers always hope that Old Man Winter will be kind, giving the land just the right amount of frost. By lighting these candles in your home, we hope they bring about a cozy winter feel no matter where you live.

1 - Old Man Winter Candle

2 - Beeswax Tree Candles


Hand poured candles made from 100% local, unfiltered beeswax. Light a candle for beautiful, warm light. Your home will fill with the sweet scent of honey made from wildflowers and other native plants. The color of the beeswax will vary from season to season, depending on the flowers that the bees visit. No perfumes added. Candles Handmade by: Katie Rose

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