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Decrystallize your Honey

Decrystallize your Honey

All pure honey will at some point crystallize. It means you have the good stuff! So you are not alone if your honey ever hardens a bit or gets a little "crystalized" look. 

You might notice that in the colder months or if your honey is left in a cold place- your honey will crystalize. This is a natural process that happens to pure honey. There are many ways to decrystallize honey but here are my favorite techniques.

  1. Double Boiler: Place the honey bottle in a double boiler and let it heat for 15-20 mins until honey has returned to its original consistency.
  2. Warm Water: Fill up a pot with water and place the honey bottle in water. The honey should be submerged in the water. Heat the water to a warm temperature but not boiling.
  3. Warm Spot: Place your honey bottle in the hot sun or a warm spot in your house and depending on the heat the honey will decrystallize.
  4. In a Pinch: You can heat the honey in a microwave in a microwave safe container but you need to be very careful not to overheat or the taste of the honey will change.

    What should I do with crystalized honey if I don't want to decrystalize?

    • Crystalized Honey Jam: Spread on toast like jam! My boys loved spreading crystalized honey on their toast because it is so easy to spread and does not make their hands all sticky.

    • Whipped Honey Butter: I have a recipe in my cookbook but there is nothing like the mixture of butter and honey. 
    • Tea Time: Add the crystalized honey to your tea and it will decrystallize in seconds!

    Where should I store my honey?

    Be sure to store your honey at room temperature- never in the fridge. Cold temperatures will increase the chances of crystallization.

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    Photos by: Jeff Young and Anna Pata

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