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A Field to Remember

A Field to Remember


There is a spot in the back of the ranch where every year around this time, a field of narcissus blooms. It almost feels unreal, if not magical, since this field is in such a remote place and it takes me by surprise every time I turn into this little valley. Narcissus (daffodils are part of this family) is a perennial flower that once planted not only comes back every year, but will grow and multiply. 

The story behind this field of flowers is that in the early 1900s there was a family who had a small dairy farm in this very spot. During this time, there were small dairies all over the country since this was the only way rural families would be able to obtain milk. Today on the ranch, there are only a few remnants of the dairy family’s small home, but every spring, the field becomes a beautiful site, full of stunning white and yellow flowers with a fragrance that I wish I could bottle up.  

Remembering those who come before us can be difficult, histories get lost, stories stop being told, but what a beautiful way to be remembered. One of the family members in this old black and white photo must have put a few of these bulbs in the ground. I’m sure they never imagined that more than 100 years later, we would think of this small gesture year after year. 

Current Photographs by B.J. Golnick ,
Archival Photos property of Rancho San Julian

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