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Lettuce: So Fresh and So Clean

Lettuce: So Fresh and So Clean

You know when you get a head of lettuce from the market and within a day or two it looks wilted and so sad? Let’s not do that anymore! Here is a trick that helps keep the lettuce so fresh, so clean, and most importantly ready to use in a moment's notice. 

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 head of lettuce
  • Sharp knife for chopping
  • Cutting board
  • Salad spinner or metal bowl
  • A couple of clean dish towels


    1. Start by tearing off the lettuce leaves from the head and placing them in a pile.
    2. Fill your salad spinner or bowl with cold water. If using a spinner: place the lettuce in the spinner with water, push it around so dirt falls off, drain, and then spin. If using a bowl: plunge the lettuce in the water allowing it to fully submerge, shake off any dirt, drain the water, and use a dry dish towel to pat dry any excess water. 
    3. Set out another dry dish towel flat on the counter. Lay the lettuce out on the dry dish towel. Be careful to not overlap the lettuce. When the dish towel is covered in the lettuce, carefully roll the dish towel and lettuce up. Use more dish towels if needed.
    4. Place the rolled up lettuce in the fridge and enjoy for days.
    Also watch my Reel on Instagram where I go step by step!

        Photographs by Elizabeth Poett and Standish Hicks

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